Greetings from Germany
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About Me

My dear user of the Internet, female or not or even between,

nowadays at every corner of the web You find a lot of informations, more about different personalities of every kind of people than You really need for Your own life and a lot of things You better never wanted to know, too.

So I decided not to waste Your rare lifetime with informations about me. Trust me: I'm a living male person and I love and hope to be loved, I eat and drink and breath and travel as much and as long as I can.

Thank You, Ma, for bringing me to this world in a time and let me grow up in a region, which during all of my days never was in war. My grandfather, living with his three little daughters in Nuremberg until their house was destroyed by American bombs in 1943, survived happily the two World Wars and especially the cruel Nazis, for my father ended the World War 2 as a child of 16, being always hungry.

I don't know whom I shall thank more for my kismet except of my mother.

Thank You, Pa, for lending me Your old Agfa camera when I was a boy of - lets say - just seven. In the meanwhile I owe this apparatus and I have it until now.

When we were young (hello, hello ...) with some of my friends I used to put small slices of photo paper (yes, no film!) into this black box, “produced” one photo, then we run into the cellar and developed this one small sheet of paper. And the wonder happens once more: Banned we saw our B/W photo, every second and second clearer swimming in a red lighted magic soup.

Photography never let me alone, but my wifes and most of my girl friends did. My Commodore 64 passed by, but my Asus EEE net book is nowadays as one of my computers on my side.

Eight years ago I reserved this homepage for me and now the time has come to give it some impressions and a certain direction. Lets together see what happens, piece by piece. From photo paper to pornography and – maybe – later back to my roots.

So lets have fun together. Follow me if You want.


February 2010

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